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We are committed to ensuring that we reach into the lives of the next generation thus laying a Godly foundation for this city, nation and continent.

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We believe in the youth of our church, their potential and the anointing that God has placed on their lives. Within the church, the youth get the opportunity to address issues that they are going through and find out what God’s Word says about them.

Not only do they get the opportunity to learn amongst their peers, they get to have fun as well. With the once a month gathering called Epic, the youth get to braai, chat, pray and experience the presence of God together, building relationships and learning to walk with one another in faith.

These young people are taught a different kind of lifestyle, contrary to what is seen on TV screens and acted out in shopping malls. The Baxter youth grow in service within the church and in their communities, speaking God’s truth with boldness to others who need to hear it, and showing who God is through how they live.

If you would like more information or how you can get involved, speak to one of the youth leaders.


 Our passion is to seek God, to reach children in the community and to see them discipled. We are believing that thousands of children will go out from here to reach lost people and influence their world. His Totz ministers to children from as young as 18 months. When children turn six they move up to His Kidz and from ten they move to His Diziples.

"It is vitally important that our children be led to a personal relationship with Christ and be instructed in His Word when they are young" - D. L. Moodey

The children’s ministry of His People Baxter is a priority area as we seek to be a multi-generational community. Children are very special to God and He desires for them to know Him and to make Him known. It is the vision of the leadership to see children meet with God and grow in an intimate relationship with Him. They need to learn to worship Him in their everyday lives. Children must be discipled in the Word of God and so fulfill their destiny in Christ.

The children’s ministry is made up of different age groups. These groups meet in funky, age appropriate venues, and are led by a dedicated team of leaders at both morning services. Meetings include praise and worship, Bible teaching, prayer and ministry, and lots of time for fun and fellowship.

Children’s ministry does not stop with the children of members but we are in the process of reaching the community through school assemblies and clubs, holiday clubs, and other special events.

We see this ministry as a partnership with parents, working together to maximize every child’s potential. Make sure your children benefit from this and that you find out what events are available for the spiritual growth of your special ones.


Why Campus Ministry?

If we reach the campus, we reach future leaders.

Historically, the university campus has been a seedbed of culture shapers and world leaders—sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. If we reach them with the gospel now, they will one day change the world for Jesus.

If we reach the campus, we reach families.

Statistically, people are most open to the gospel during their time at university; and with every student reached, we see the potential to reach the entire family with the gospel.

If we reach the campus, we reach the world.

Culturally, university campuses are becoming more and more diverse, giving us a unique opportunity to reach the nations with the gospel by reaching out to international students in our cities.

How Every Nation Reaches the Campus:

We reach the campus by intentionally planting churches in cities with significant student populations. We reach the campus by training and sending church-based campus missionaries in our Every Nation Schools of Campus Ministry. Currently, there are Schools of Campus Ministry in Cape Town, Honolulu, Manila, Nashville, and Raleigh. We reach the campus through existing Every Nation churches which serve and engage the university campuses in their cities.


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